There are many things we need help with, small and big, broadly divided into people, a space, and stuff.

1. The most important thing we need is interested people to get involved!
There is a core group currently organising, but we’re going to need far more people into the future, and the more input we have, the more likely we are to be successful. If you’re interested and not already on it you can join our occasional bulletin email list by subscribing here, our facebook group here, and follow us on twitter here, in order to keep up to date with what’s going on, find out about meetings and events, and get involved in whatever way you like.

2. A space
We’re looking for a permaneant space in central-ish Cambridge that isn’t extremely expensive (kind of a contradiction in that sentence). Failing that any and all possibilities considered; Own a current commercial property that we could take over in the evenings? A spare basement flat that you’re not doing anything with? A house you want to give us? Or perhaps a houseboat…? The possibilities are endless.

3. Stuff
Once we have a space we’ll need to fill it with a kitchen, furniture, art, food, a freeshop, etc. . Anything you think should be in the Cafe. We don’t want anything yet though as we have nowhere to put it! This is usually the least problematic/ important category, but if there are specific things we need in the future and can’t find, we’ll put them up here.

4. Money.. kinda…
Money isn’t a priority at the moment, we’d probably rather have your time and energy! But it’s always useful, so if you feel like giving us some, please do. At the moment the best way of doing this is probably just handing us some cash in person, or you could make out a cheque, payable to ‘The Cambridge Cafe Project’, and post it to

The Cafe Project, 18 Green Park, Cambridge, CB4 1SX (which is our forwarding address until we find an actual home)

Either way we’ll keep it safe till we need to spend it on something. Of course we’ll also let people know via the aforementioned channels when there are particular things that we need cash for.

I think that’s for now. Hopefully this page will be updated as the project progresses.

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