What Makes Shopify the Perfect E-commerce Platform for Drop Shipping?

Why Selling Online is Better with Shopify

Having an online store means that you have to purchase a domain and build your web store. Although there are numerous platforms that you can opt to use for this purpose, Shopify is arguably the best choice you can make, especially if you are starting. Part of the reason is that you can find anything that you need for setting up your online store on the website builder.

Build your online store within a short time-frame

Shopify domain name search tool will help you come up with and purchase a domain without losing time. Domains from Shopify come already configured and set up. However, they can take up to 48 hours from the time of purchase to become active. Since no coding is required, you can build your online store yourself with the easy to use web building tools that Shopify has to offer. This ensures that your online store will be up and running within a short time frame.

Aesthetically pleasing website

With Shopify, you are also guaranteed a professional looking and aesthetically pleasing website that your customers and prospect will love. This is because you have ten free Shopify web themes to choose from and more than 50 paid themes to work with. Basically what this means is that you have an extensive variety to create a website that reflects your taste, style and complements your products or services.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping seems to be the new online craze and rightly so since it has numerous cost-effective benefits for an online business owner. Shopify supports drop shipping, and it allows you to choose from a host of Apps used for drop shipping.

Shopify drop shipping Apps include:

  • Oberlo
  • SMAR7 Express
  • Spocket
  • Modalyst
  • Inventory Source
  • Printful
  • Spreadr App – Amazon Importer

These are just a few of the drop shipping Apps that Shopify supports. The reason why Shopify provides an extensive list of drop shipping Apps is that they understand that online store owners on Shopify are spread all over the globe. A business owner has the choice to choose a drop shipping App that is most suited to specific geographic areas from Asia, USA, Africa and so forth. This helps reduce shipping duration to customers based on the geography of your markets.


Shopify does not disappoint if you are looking to build an online business that is professional, reliable and equipped to handle today’s competitive online marketplace.

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