The Cafe Project aims to be an independent volunteer run community cafe, in central cambridge, creating a user defined non-commercial space to hang out, which is open to the public, as well as a venue for meetings, campaign groups, events, societies, gigs, talks, exhibitions etc. .

As we don’t currently have a home we’re running ad-hoc events with the same kind of ethos, whilst looking for a more permaneant / semi-permaneant place to stay.

We run on a non-hierarchical basis, organising via open (usually fortnightly) general meetings, to which anyone is welcome, and we actively oppose all discrimination based on prejudice, trying to operate as a ‘safer space’ where everyone feels welcome and free from intimidation.

We’re also a company limited by guarantee, as well as a student society. We’ve been going for a few years now, and used to inhabit a space on Jesus Lane. You can see more of our history here.

To get involved you can join our occasional bulletin email list here, our facebook group here, or follow us on twitter here. Or come along to our next meeting !


Here’s an excerpt from our Student Society constitution, covering our aims and principles:

To run a community centre in Cambridge which

  1. Is an inclusive, welcoming space governed and defined by its users, which nurtures a supportive, participatory community among members.
  2. Organises events that foster communication, interaction and exchange between diverse groups across the university and the wider Cambridge community, including students and local residents, youths and adults, and people of different cultures and beliefs.
  3. Provides an example of a successful social enterprise and inspires, supports and advises social entrepreneurship in the community.
  4. Encourages collaborative thinking and the exploration of ideas between and beyond disciplinary boundaries.
  5. Collaborates with existing community groups in Cambridge that can benefit from a regular space for meetings and events and from interaction with other groups and the wider community.
  6. Runs a not-for-profit, non-alcoholic, volunteer-run café that is affordable and open in the evenings.
  7. Considers ethical principles in the sources of funding sought, the investment of funds and the food and drink served.

Our full constitution can be viewed here.

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