How to Market Products Online Before Christmas and Other Holidays

Wondering how to market products online and attract more shoppers for Christmas? Here are 8 marketing ideas to get your online store seen and all of your items sold!

It is never too early or late to search for some marketing ideas for the Holidays for your online store to get the most out of the season. If you want to get the best of the holiday shopping season, you need to start planning immediately.
Wondering how to market products online and attract more shoppers? In this article, we will present to you 8 marketing ideas to get your online store seen and all of your items sold:

➢ Clearly define your goals: Goals are what takes you forward, what keeps your brand growing and improving. Without clearly defined goals, your business won’t see more sales in the Christmas or holiday period. All of your marketing ideas will go to waste. Define specific, measurable, relevant, achievable, and time-based goals and then figure out how to achieve them.
➢ Customize your packaging: We assume you know how important custom packaging is for your store. Did you know that packaging is the only one thing that reaches 100% of your shoppers? Before the holidays, get a custom packaging with a Christmas theme and make this year’s Christmas for your customers a little bit better and happier.

➢ Get super emotional with your Christmas marketing: We can all agree that emotions are a very important ingredient in shopping decisions. Analyze your product descriptions and rather than writing product details, tell a story. You can use the space to create a desire for your products and don’t forget to share some behind the scenes photos. ➢ Use seasonal words for your marketing campaigns: During the Christmas period, you will not get the attention you want if you don’t adjust your AdWords and all of your marketing campaigns for seasonal keywords. You may have more successful marketing campaigns if you change the keywords.

➢ Black Friday & Cyber Monday are your best marketing friends:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest holidays in the ecommerce world. During these days, you can offer a discount code that is valid for the rest of the year, you can offer free returns and free postage, you can include an extended warranty, and etc. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent opportunities for you to boost your sales and you can use these days to grow your email list that leads up to Christmas shopping.

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➢ Don’t forget the novelty days:

We will give you one of the most important tips for selling online, and it is about when to sell online: There are many dates in October, November, and December you can use. Did you know that “Singles Day” is a popular holiday in China and falls on November 11? By considering smaller but important holidays, you engage a smaller niche of buyers and you’ll boost your sales.

➢ Update your photo gallery: You can make sure anyone who visits your website, social media page or blog knows that you are organizing a Christmas promotion. You can use a banner to show your visitors the promotion is on and where can they find the best items.
➢ Offer free shipping: The best way to market products online for Christmas is by offering free shipping worldwide! The online shoppers today, expect free shipping. It doesn’t really matter whether the product is small or large, free shipping is something that online purchasers expect in 2019. You can adapt your prices to cover the cost of delivery.

With a good marketing campaign for Christmas, you will be able to market products online, attract a lot of new buyers, and maximize your sales!